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Parabolic Fluorescent Luminaire

Voltage: 120V/277V
Length: 4' or 2'
Width: 2'
Height: 5"
Color: White Baked Enamel
Ballast: Electronic
Bulbs 2x4: Three Linear F32T8741 not included
Bulbs 2x2: Two FBO32T8741/U6 not included

Our Price: $68.95
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Fixture is 80-85% efficient, meets all energy code applications. Lay-In for Drop Ceilings.
SPECIFICATIONS: CONSTRUCTION: Die formed in 20 gauge steel, embossed for maximum rigidity with rounded side flanges for safety. Four corner tie points for safety wire support provided. SHIELDING Baked matte black enamel door holds the parabolic louver for a “floating diffuser” look. The 2.70” deep cell parabolic louver is constructed of high efficiency semi-specular anodized aluminum. 18 cell louver is standard. For choices of other cell configurations and patterns, see other side for more options. FINISH: Fixtures are finished by a multi-stage procedure in which metal is degreased, cleaned, and processed to inhibit oxidation. After metal is treated to maximize paint adhesion, the white enamel finish is sealed by baking at 360° assuring durability, corrosion resistance, and excellent color retention. Reflectance factor minimum 90%. BALLAST: All Octron T8 ballasts are HPF. Magnetic ballasts are Class “P” and NPF rated up to 48”. All have automatic thermal reset. 120/277 volts standard. Other ballasts are available - see options. MOUNTING: Lay-in Grid (Drop Ceiling) APROVALS: All fixtures bear IBEW and UL labels