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OUTDOOR WET LED Combo Exit Sign RED Letters w/Battery
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Item #: XTEREM
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•Fully automatic operation
•Contains two 6 volt, 2.3 amp lead-calcium rechargeable batteries
•Dual 120/277 VAC input; field adjustable
•Operating temperature range: 10°C (50°F) to 40°C (104°F)
•Single face
•Energy consumption of 2 watts for red letters and 1 watt for green leters. Estimated 25 year LED lamp life
•Automatic low voltage disconnect protects battery from deep discharge
•Wall mountable
•UV fiberflass, corrosion resistant enclosure
•Universal snap-in and out chevron design meets all state and local codes (UL924)
•Limited 5 year warranty
•Sealed momentary test switch and AC ready light
•AC lockout feature reduces insallation time