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120BR40/FL 100W BR40 Incandescant Bulge Reflector Flood Light Bulb
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Item #: 120BR40/FL/
Average Outpuut: 1100 Lumens
Energy Used: 100 Watts
Average Hours: 2000
Base: Medium
Width: 5"
Length: 6.25"

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Q: What does Value Brand, Major Brand and Extended Life mean?
A: Major brand bulbs are shipped from our available stock of major suppliers such as Philips, GE or Osram/Sylvania. Extended Life brand bulbs are 130V bulbs that on average last twice as long. Value Brand bulbs are Generic or High-Quality Grade-A import bulbs.

Q: What is the difference between 120 Volt and 130V light bulbs?
A: If you use a 130 Volt Extended Life, 130 Volt Major or 130 Volt Value brand light bulb with typical 120 Volt power found in homes & most businesses, you could see the average hours the bulb works go up by 50% to 100% but the light output of the bulb will 8% to 10% dimmer.

 Cross Reference (Also Known As)
 Type  PHILIPS  Osram/Sylvania  GE  Satco  Other
 85BR40FL        S2854